"Excellent! Great sharing of ideas, thoughts."

"Thank you for your care and support of others who want to give back to God the gifts He has given."

"Thank God I came here today! It was inspiring and deeply motivating."

Are you a writer, leader or speaker or aspire to be one? Treat yourself to Greater Harvest Workshops where multi-published authors and speakers present insider tips and instruction on such topics as:

Improving Your Platform
Promoting Your Work
How to Write the Novel Inside You
How to Write Children's Books
Public Speaking
And more.

If you have ever felt the call to write, lead, or speak, we want to encourage and instruct you. Don't settle for wishful thinking and hoping that someday you'll get it together. God can use you. Together, we want to help you be ready for action and move forward in your calling - all in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Attendees Say about Greater Harvest Workshops

New: Feedback from 2011 Workshops: 
  • Amazing! Please tell me more as I am clearly only interested (now I know) in self-publish options.
  • This was life-changing for me. 
  • Very informative and helpful from one (Linore) who has done it all ways.
  • Good plug for traditional approach when many advocate new S/P methods.
  • A great resource for new writers to get published and what not to do.
  • Love it!
  • Excellent. Donna clearly gifted in her craft & is a wealth of information.
  • Good overview of points relating to children’s writing—thanks for allowing discussion—your talk was very helpful!
  • Great job overall. I would love to see this grow more in attendance, perhaps some day a longer session with more speakers?
  • Thank you for the time to put together!
  • Very helpful! Thanks for all the great info!
  • Useful, inspiring and informative.
  • Great job! Helpful with new ideas for my writing.  
Feedback from 2010 workshops:

· Very good and informative.
· Came away encouraged and feeling like I can get to work and get published.
· I love that you share your own experiences plus the list of resources we can contact.
· All the info I needed to help me decide what my next step will be.
· Wish the class could have been longer!
· Very good key points. I liked starting with a scriptural base.
· Awesome! Lots of information I can apply.
· A great lecture on how to keep focused.
· You reinforced my thinking and gave me other areas to consider in the area of marketing.
· I feel like I can get organized with confidence.
· Thank you for offering a workshop to help speakers.
· As a preacher, too, this information was vital. You're awesome!
· Everything you share always points to giving God the glory and encouraging others for His kingdom.
· Got some ideas of different ways to use things I've already written.
· Presenters were very knowledgeable of their subject matter.
· Organized but also flexible and informative.
· Thank you for a wonderful day. I learned so much!
. Donna's delightful and attractive realism...very good!
. I like that Donna tied Scripture to writing.
. The speaker's heart is so beautiful and sincere.
. Easy, understandable..I'd like more time - we just got started.
. Good outline. I like how Christ-centered the message was.
. Good speaking/voice presentation.
. I like the enthusiasm and encouraging spirit of the speaker.
. Very inspiring. Thanks for the ideas and resources!
. Relieved a lot of my stress. Now I know my project is doable.
. I learned that we all have a story to tell that can inspire others.
. Inspirational w/much pertinent information.
. Absolutely awesome! Very encouraging, helpful.
. Makes me want to set specific time aside to continue in my writing.
. Yes! This has been so helpful in finding forms, identifying barriers (so freeing).
. Very helpful – exactly the kind of info I wanted.
. Very informative. Love actually having handouts for records.
. Great to connect with other writers and to keep one another accountable.
. A good start to putting legs on the project.
. Enjoyed Donna and worship songs.
. Thanks for the door prizes and great element of fun.
. Excellent! Great sharing of ideas, thoughts.
. Thank you for your care and support of others who want to give back to God the gifts He has given.
. Thank God I came here today! It was inspiring and deeply motivating.
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