"Excellent! Great sharing of ideas, thoughts."

"Thank you for your care and support of others who want to give back to God the gifts He has given."

"Thank God I came here today! It was inspiring and deeply motivating."

Are you a writer, leader or speaker or aspire to be one? Treat yourself to Greater Harvest Workshops where multi-published authors and speakers present insider tips and instruction on such topics as:

Improving Your Platform
Promoting Your Work
How to Write the Novel Inside You
How to Write Children's Books
Public Speaking
And more.

If you have ever felt the call to write, lead, or speak, we want to encourage and instruct you. Don't settle for wishful thinking and hoping that someday you'll get it together. God can use you. Together, we want to help you be ready for action and move forward in your calling - all in a friendly and fun atmosphere.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Two Most Often Asked Questions About Greater Harvest Workshops

1. Can we just show up for the Workshops?

We'd love for you to come either way, but we'd prefer that we have your registration ahead of time. It helps us to plan for the day knowing how many handouts are needed, which room to set the class up in, etc. All that said, you can still register the day of the workshops. 

2. If I can't make it to this one, will you be having more?

Yes, we are continually planning for more workshops. Please note though - each time we will have different guest speakers and topics.

Thank you if you've already registered. Linore and I will see you soon! - Donna
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